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Buqi Healing at the Kailash Centre of Oriental Medicine

June 3rd, 2008 · No Comments

Buqi healing treatments are now being given at the Kailash Centre of Oriental Medicine in St John’s Wood, North London

Buqi presents a fresh perspective as to why disease arises and can treat many health issues because it works on the pathogenic narrowing of the vertebrae which link to all the parts of your body. 

  • For example and narrowing of the vertebrae in the lumber region may be the cause of a malfunction of the sexual organs, decreased libido, bladder and prostate problems and sciatic nerve pain. 
  • Moving up the spine we find many common diseases such as asthma, and reparatory problems have an origin in the thoracic vertebrae. 
  • Contracture of the neck may cause high blood pressure and hypertension, hormonal imbalances, hemiplegia and stroke.  

These are just some of the wide ranging applications of Buqi healing. More blogs providing case studies to follow.

Read more about Buqi here

For treatments with Bertram at the Kailash Centre call 07816978810 

For directions to Kailash click here

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