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Spring Term Starting on 22nd April 2009

April 17th, 2009 · No Comments

professor-yao-huan-zi-taijiquan-masterJust a short post to remind everyone that we start our new term on Wednesday 22nd April 2009.  There will also be no class on the 27th May 2009.  This is not indicated on the year planner.

As always we will be continuing to build on the good progress students have been making last term.  Some beginning students really made progress in using the earth force (diqi)to activate the dantian developing some quite tangible long force. In Chinese this is called Chan Zi Jing and literally means:  ‘Long without stopping force’ which refers to the long purring vibration that occurs when you practise Taijiwuxigong.

This has moved us forward in our threefold practise objectives:

Above all, it has helped in the self-healing and self-development process, firstly in draining the channels and meridians and secondly, by gaining more spinal strength for the meditation exercises.    If the spine is straighter then oxygenated blood can travel easily to the brain.  Also, if the dazui (C7-T1) area has power this helps to open the central channel .  These health benefits develop more clarity in meditation and later develop latent mental functions. 

Secondly, it was also good spending time showing how the simple Taijiwuxigong exercises improve the quality and application of our Taijiquan practise.  The use of Chan Zi Jing is very common in the Yang Style Taijiquan and is one of the reasons it is well known for its slow flowing movements.  Many Yang Style Taijiquanpractitioners are unaware of these forces but because Taijiwuxigong and Taiji37 train them they are an excellent way to evolve your Taijiquan practise

Lastly, as a Buqi healer I use Chan Zi Jing in creating rigorous vibration force or warmth information in my patients.  Combined with hand techniques, mental direction, knowledge of the body and aetiology, chan zi jing, is an important part of my Buqi practise.

Once, when Dr Shen was a boy practising An, he first felt this shaking.  Starting from the earth coming into his body through his feet it then developed so quickly that his arms started to shake vigourously.  When Professor Yao Huan Zi saw this reaction he told him: ‘Today you have entered the door of Taiji’.

I look forward to opening more doors this spring.


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