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Taijiwuxigong and Taiji37 exercises for Sciatica

November 9th, 2009 · No Comments

Abdomen Daoyin

Abdomen Daoyin

Brrrr…The weather is getting cold now.  It makes me think, often people come to the classes with sciatic nerve issues.  For those unfamiliar with sciatica, its is the irritation of the sciatic nerve in the lumbar vertebrae.  It gives rise to pain in the back, buttocks and sometimes all the way down the leg.  It can be a very difficult condition to resolve.

Remember, from a Buqi perspective, many conditions arise from a compression of the nerves in the spine from a long term poor body posture.  In real life this can be working at a computer over a long period of time, working in a vehicle or another sedentary job where you don’t move so much.

There are also other aggravating causes of the sciatic, such as the weather.  Typically when treating students or patients with such issues I find that in that area they have a build up of cold from the environment and some hot information from the inflammation of the nerves.

Treating  them can be straight forward by expelling the binqi locally or through the legs via the panguan meridian.  However, what I like about teaching  Taiji37 and Taijiwuxigong is that I can empower the students to participate in their own healing process.  I can also teach them simple exercises that will strengthen the lumbar area and bring healing forces to the area to dislodge the binqi.  In this respect, the student or patient can go away and practice and work towards resolving the issue.  With the help of  regular classes students maintain the momentum and perseverance and benefit from regular health information transmissions to configure the binqi to leave.

There are many classes around London teaching exercises like the abdomen daoyin which are really effective in addressing all sorts of issues to do with the contraction of the lumbar region.

If you have a musculoskeletal problem, maybe taijiwuxigong can help you work towards resolving it.

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