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Buqi Healing

What is Buqi?

Buqi means to arrange or configure the body’s energy system. The healthy flow of force in the body may become disrupted and in need of attention.  Buqi is the skill of removing obstacles to the natural free flow of healthy force and vitality. 


In the Buqi healing system it is believed that illness comes about because of the build up of certain kinds of toxin in the body.  This is called binqi which is translated as ‘disease inducing factors’.  Binqi can take many forms. It may be a product of a person’s emotions, from the body’s waste products, from the environment or many other origins.  Buqi is a healing system which seeks to expel binqi from the body and restore its natural functions. It does this mainly by using health information transmission from the healer to the patient.  Exercises can also be used to support the treatment.

Why do toxins arise in the body?

Central to Buqi treatment is the idea of ‘the double vicious circle of mental stress and body posture’.  This idea explains why there is a build up of binqi (or toxins) in the different parts of the body.  There are two main origins of this build up: emotional and physical origins.

Double Vicious Circle  

Emotional stress

Briefly, in the many different and complicated lives that people lead there are many opportunities for emotional stress.  These may be from interpersonal situations where relationships with people have become difficult to bear and may be a cause for distress.  These can be wide ranging such as a difficult family relationship or a colleague at work maybe. Human relationships therefore can be stressful at times which will have an effect on the nervous system.  Over a long period of time these can have a sustained effect on the overall health of the person and may cause sickness to arise.  This can lead onto negative patterns of thought which cause a negative cycle of emotional stress.  Therefore, persistent negative thoughts will predispose an individual emotional stress.  These will have an effect on the nervous system causing emotional binqi to accumulate and eventually stagnate in the body.Buqi treatment seeks to break this cycle and restore the individual to his/her natural state of well being. 

Physical Stress 

In addition to emotional stress, our bodies develop physical problems which can be effected by emotions but also poor postural habits.  For example, working in the same position all the time, such as working in an office environment at a desk or a computer or working in a car spending a lot of time driving.  Outside of work we may have the habit of, for example, spending a lot of time on the sofa creating a poor posture whilst sitting or sometimes we may carry more weight than is healthy for our body. Modern lifestyles may cause us to develop poor postural habits which will have a detrimental effect on the body.  Any poor posture will lead of some sort of narrowing of the vertebrae in the spinal column and cause binqi to stagnate there.  This may lead to many problems such as the compression of nerves or arteries, a diminished blood supply to an organ which may prevent the expulsion of waste products.  When these waste products build up over a period of time they will lead to further stagnation, further compression and sickness arises.  Buqi treatment seeks to break this cycle and restore the individual to his/her natural state of well being.

What treatment techniques are used in Buqi?

Breaking the ‘double vicious circle’ is the key to improving health and well being.  This is achieved by applying various information transmission techniques to transmit healthy information into the body of the patient and precipitate movement of the binqi from the areas it has stagnated and draw it out of the body.  When the binqi leaves the body, the body can function in its natural way and health and well being is restored. Further a practitioner may prescribe some gentle moving exercises to encourage movement in a certain area, or to correct a particular part of the body which is out of alignment.  This will support the information transmission of the healer and also empower the patient to maintain the information of the healer and also encourage healthy postural habits to develop.  

What can I expect from a treatment session?

Generally you can expect a short discussion regarding the history and development of the problem together with one of the various diagnosis techniques used in Buqi. A skilled Buqi healer has a sensitive body and notice what is going on in the body of the patient.  He/she can therefore locate the binqi in the body of the patient using his/her hands or whole body.  A healer can also use the centre of the mind to locate the binqi in the body of the patient.  There are also other metaphysical sources of information available to the healer.

The session will then turn to addressing the problem using treatment methods where the healer will transmit from a distance various kinds of information to draw out the binqi.  This might be the ‘information of warmth’ for example to dilate blood vessels in a certain area to increase blood flow or activate the adrenal glands to improve hormonal secretion.  It might be an ‘outwards movement information’ that may drain a particular meridian, channel or area in the body.  A healer may also use ‘vibration information’ that may stimulate the nuclei in the intervertebral spaces to ease pressure on a nerve, reduce pain and swelling. There are many different types of information transmission available to a skilled Buqi healer. Some information transmission involves the use of sound and it is not uncommon for a Buqi healer to use certain sounds or mantras whilst treating.

Sometimes a healer will encourage the patient to practise some breathing exercises or some gentle moving exercises during and after the treatment to support the healing session.  A patient may initially feel some hot or cold feelings moving around and out of the body.  Some vibration or shaking possibly may occur.  A patient may also experience a feeling of warmth, sweating, itching, burping or other gases leaving the body. Possibly an emotional response such as crying may take place where emotional information may be leaving the body.  It is important to note that binqi does not always travel on a chemical vector. Therefore other forms of toxins may be released.  Sometimes a patient may have spontaneous movements induced either by the healer or as a reaction to the treatment as the body reconfigures itself to allow the binqi to leave the body.  This can be accompanied by a noisy cathartic reaction. This should not be suppressed and is encouraged by the healer’s treatment.

The Buqi healer uses considerable effort in expelling toxins from his or her patient and in creating the various information fields which heal the patient.  It can often have stronger results than treatments such as acupuncture and often fewer treatments maybe necessary for recovery. Some patients enjoy  the fact that no needles are involved and in addition to this Buqi can safely penetrate meridians and channels which are located deeper in the body.

 How long does a treatment last?

A session can last from forty five minutes to an hour and a half.  In addition to this a Buqi treatment often carries on working several days after the patient has received it.  In this way the results of the treatment may occur several hours after the patient has seen the healer.  This can be facilitated following any prescribed exercises or by participating in a Taijiwuxigong class.  It is worth mentioning that this can be disrupted by washing in cold water and patients are advised against this.

Should I prepare for a treatment in any way?

Apart from food there is no preparation patients should do before a treatment.  Patients are advised to come in comfortable clothes and to ensure they have a good standard of nutrition (basically try not to attend a session too hungry.  If the day has been hectic and fitting proper meals in has been difficult, eat a little something too keep up the blood sugar levels).  

After treatment ensure that the body is well nourished and avoid washing in cold water.

What kind of problems does Buqi treat?

Buqi presents a fresh perspective as to why disease arises and can treat many health issues because it works on the pathogenic narrowing of the vertebrae which link to all the parts of your body.  For example the narrowing of the vertebrae in the lumber region may be the cause of a malfunction of the sexual organs, decreased libido, bladder and prostate problems and sciatic nerve pain.  Moving up the spine we find many common diseases such as asthma, and respiratory problems have an origin in the thoracic vertebrae.  Contracture of the neck may cause high blood pressure and hypertension, hormonal imbalances, hemiplegia and stroke.

Buqi has a wider paradigm in which to diagnosis illness and uses knowledge from western medicine, Chinese medicine, Taji37 (a martial art) and other traditional Chinese exercise systems.  It also uses knowledge from various religions (Chan (Zen), Jingtu (Pureland), Kagyu (Tantric) Buddhist schools, Taoist Longmen Pai and Catholicism) which are presented in a secular and scientifically responsible way.  Buqi is a modern and complete method of treatment discovered, researched and developed by Dr Shen. It has its own aetiology, and treatment methods which have been researched and developed within a Chinese medical context.  It can be employed as a treatment on its own or can be used to support other conventional and complementary forms of treatment. Many refractory diseases respond well to Buqi and it can treat problems that conventional treatments do not have a diagnosis for.

Check out forthcoming blogs on discussions on how Buqi treatment can help different types of diseases. 

Where do treatments take place? 

Treatment takes place at the Kailash Centre of Oriental Health 7 Newcourt Street, St Johns Wood, London, NW8 7AA

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Further questions 

If you have any further quieries and want to talk about how Buqi can help a specific problem feel free to contact me on 07816978810