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What is Taijiwuxigong?

Taijiwuxigong is a series of simple standing and moving exercises (daoyin) which provide an accessible means to activate an area in the abdomen (dantian)  by using a vibration force from the earth (diqi).  This makes the dantian active, which produces its own vibration.  As the dantian starts to vibrate it produces its own force (called yuanqi or vital force) in the body’s energy channels.  By doing this the various pathogenic toxins (binqi) are removed by the body. 

This can happen in a variety of ways.  It is not uncommon for practitioners to initially experience hot and cold feelings in the body, some pain or stiffness and maybe some sweating, itching, burping or other gasses leaving the body. Emotional reactions  such as crying are not uncommon too.

How does Taijiwuxigong help the physical body?

Structural correction

Taijiwuxigong helps to correct the posture.  If force is brought to the spinal column it can be used to correct the pathogenic narrowing of inter-vertebral discs.  By unblocking areas where nerve roots are compressed, pain and inflammation can be relieved. Taijiwuxigong therefore improves postural health as many modern lifestyle habits lead to blockages in the spine.  Further, a pathogenic narrowing of the vertebrae may initiate the onset of disease in its associated organ. For example a narrowing of the space T12-L1 may diminish the function of the adrenal glands and affect the hormone system and the body’s ability to convert nutritional substances into energy. 

How does Taijiwuxigong promote emotional wellbeing and personal growth? 

By bringing earth force into the central channel it can be opened and binqi removed from it.  This can resolve and clear longstanding emotional issues.  Sometimes people can have quite cathartic reactions as this emotional information leaves their body.  It is therefore usual, depending on the group of practitioners, to expect taijiwuxigong classes to be quite noisy at times with what seems to be strange noises coming from the students. This should not put others off exercising as long as they focus on their own practise.  Through these exercises happiness and emotional well-being naturally follow as emotional information is cleaned from the body. 

Working on the central channel also leads to personal growth and self-development by developing latent mental functions.  These are quite wholesome and natural and are an ensuing product of being clean in the body.  We can develop this further via Wuxi meditation exercises.

What other reactions occur in Taijiwuxigong practise? 

  • Spontaneous movement

During Taijiwuxigong exerxcises spontaneous movement can often occur.  This can often seem strange, peculiar and sometimes scary to a new comer.  However spontaneous movement is a natural phenomenon of life. It is an internal auto-regulatory mechanism for many bodily functions and happens all all time. Heartbeats, peristalsis of the digestive organs, breathing, yawning, blinking of the eyelids are only a few examples of the spontaneous movement that continuously takes place on both the inside and the outside of our body. Because it is familiar, it seems normal.  This is called involuntary spontaneous movement, as we have little or no control over it.

Spontaneous movement does not always have to be involuntary. It is possible to intentionally induce spontaneous movement in order to regulate and optimise the body’s own auto-regulatory mechanism and self healing functions. Because people do not generally do this they are unfamiliar with this method of exercise and it may at first seem abnormal to a newcomer.  It is however quite natural and normal when we become accustomed to this method of practise and feel the benefits of practise.

  • Vibration force 

During Taijiwuxigong exercises we try to develop vibration force in the body. This feels like a delightful bubbling in the body emanating from the feet and lower abdomen (dantian).  This happens when we use the body posture to connect to the earth force allowing a vibration from the ground to come into our lower abdomen and stimulate our own vibration. The rate of vibration can change according to the exercise and the mental concentration adopted by the practitioner.

One key element of spontaneous movement is our body’s cell vibration. Billions of body cells are continuously oscillating in all different directions at all times, thus creating different frequencies in different parts of the body. Unhealthy cells in diseased areas vibrate at a different frequency to healthy cells. Thus, it is possible that by influencing the vibration rate of cells, we can change and regulate their frequency and so create favourable conditions for health and healing. We can develop vibration force in the body by using different standing, sitting and lying down positions which activate the dantian. 

Why does Taijiwuxigong promote health?

  • Realigning the spine 

During the 1992 World Congress of Medicine about the relationship between the spinal column and disease, it was reported that there is a link between problems of the spine and over 40 different conditions and illnesses. Some of these are common conditions such as asthma, diabetes, hypertension, back pain, joint and muscle problems to name a few examples.

In his research Dr. Shen Hongxun has found that in addition to spinal problems, negative emotions and stress also play a key role in the development of disease. This led to the development of his theory of the ‘Double Vicious Circle’, which expounds incorrect body posture and negative emotions as the two primary factors in the development of a majority of diseases.

Negative emotions affect the body’s biochemistry and result in the formation of toxic metabolic by-products. These products tend to accumulate in the spaces between the vertebrae but also in other joints and organs. Most spinal problems are the result of long-standing incorrect body posture.

  •  Correcting poor body posture habits

Another reason for poor body posture can be poor postural habits which may be related to the occupations people have because we tend to adopt certain positions during our duties at work. For example we may spend a large proportion of the day behind a desk in front of a computer. Faulty body posture and the pulling force of gravity will lead to the gradual narrowing of the inter-vertebral spaces. This is a process nearly everyone experiences and suffers from with progressing age.

If there is narrowing of the inter-vertebral spaces and possibly a misalignment of the vertebrae, the nerves and blood vessels which come out from the spine to all organs and tissues of the body, are affected.  This causes a malfunctioning of organs and disease. Early signs may be chronic tiredness and lack of energy and also impaired function of the immune system.

Taijiwuxigong exercises help to correct body position, stretch the spine and open the inter-vertebral spaces, so that we may even grow by a few centimetres.

Taijiwuxigong as a form of therapy, treatment and healing

It is impossible to remedy a bad posture with pills and potions.  In the same way it is impossible to treat the ensuing health problems solely with the prescription of medicines. More and more doctors are beginning to see the importance of exercise in the treatment of symptoms and disease. However, few recognise postural and spinal problems as the origin of their patients’ symptoms. The Buqi healing system addresses the root cause of many problems by using spontaneous movement, information transmission and body movment to improve body position and to flush out binqi (negative factors).

Spontaneous movement and daoyin exercises as taught within Taijiwuxigong is a very effective method for preventing the onset of many diseases and for keeping ourselves in good condition. Furthermore, it also addresses many health problems such as respiratory diseases, digestive disorders, diabetes, gynaecological conditions, hemiplegia, back, joint and muscle problems, premature ageing and many others.

People who work a lot at a desk or computer also find Taijiwuxigong beneficial. Sitting for long hours at a desk often leads to a distorted body position, tightness and muscle tension in the shoulder.  This tension can lead to a malpositioning of the vertebrae in the neck, which puts pressure on the local nerves and inhibits blood circulation to the brain. Over a sustained period someone may develop Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI). 

Other applications and benefits to practising Taijiwuxigong

Taijiwuxigong makes the ligaments supple which can improve sports technique and bring a new dimension and grace to many forms of artistic expression. 

Martial artists may be familiar with various forms of qi exercises used by traditional Chinese Gongfu practitioners.  This is especially true of internal styles.  Taijiwuxigong can bring a new appreciation to their own styles and allow them to progress in ways that many systems do not train for. In this way, Taijiwuxigong is a simple accessible form of developing Taijijin (Taiji forces) used in Nanpai Taijisaqi (Southern School Taiji 37).  We can develop this by practising Taiji37 standing postures.

Many Taijiwuxigong practitioners have come from martial arts backgrounds such as Tae Kwon-Do, Aikido, Preying Mantis and Kyokushikai Karate.

People with an interest in yoga, meditation or other sadhana also find Taijiwuxigong flushes toxins and helps to prepare the body for their practise.  They find they gain more clarity in meditation and greater flexibility in areas that traditional yoga asanas may be difficult to reach.

Health care professionals such as complementary therapists, doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists etc may absorb binqi from their patients.  This may lead to feelings of tiredness and lethargy.  It is worth mentioning that what is called ‘Healers Fatigue’ is not the the absence of energy, but the build up of binqi in the body.  Taijiwuxigong will help clean the body and empower the therapist to be able to protect him/herself against further build up of binqi

Further, therapists who use the body’s energy and meridian system, such as acupuncturists, will find that their techniques are greatly improved by Taijiwuxigong exercises.  The Buqi Institute runs career development courses in subjects like Buqi healing, metaphysical illnesses and transmitting force through the needle. An understand and skill in Taijiwuxigong exercises will greatly benefit any individual wishing to expand the scope of his/her understanding of how disease arrises  and treatment methods.  As a Taijiwuxigong practitioner develops a clean body and energetic vigour, he/she will be able to send force out of the body and transmit information into another person’s body.  This is the basis of the Buqi healing system.